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“FDEZ” (b.1978) is an autodidactic, multidisciplinary artist who was born in New York, but partly raised in the Dominican Republic and is currently living in the Bronx. He attained a B.F.A. in Electronic Design (2002) and an M.A. in Art Education (2016) from City College of New York, which led to his research into art history, social justice, criticism, and the exploration of various mediums and techniques. He is currently a Space to Connect Resident for ChaShaMa Bronx and a 2023 brio award recipient.

His has had multiple solo shows in New York and has participated in various group shows, biennials and triennials around the world including Chile, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Dominican Republic, New York, Japan and Taiwan. His works are also part of various collections such as the Taiwan National Museum of Visual Arts, Faro Cabo Mayor Art Center in Cantabria-Spain, Artists House Tartu-Estonia, Inbe Art Space-Japan, among others.

Solo Exhibitions

• 2021 “International Human Rights?”, The Wild Project, New York, NY.

• 2020 “Impressions and Reactions”, 505 Gallery, Bronx, Ny.


Group Exhibitions U.S.


• 2023- “Metamorphosis”, NYCATA/UFT. El Barrio’s Art Space, NYC, NY.

• 2022- “Printmaking Salon”, Warburton Gallerie, Yonkers, NY.

• 2022- “Together Again”, City College of New York (CCNY), NY, NY.

• 2022- “Something to Declare”, Quinlan Visual Arts Center, Gainesville, GA.

• 2022- “Protests Signs”, CAB Art Gallery/University of North Carolina, Wilmington, NC.

• 2022- “La Botella Exhibit – Cause no one else is asking”, Comissionado De Cultura Dominicano, NY, NY.

• 2021- “Viva la Memento Mori - A reminder of life and mortality”, AHA Fine Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

• 2021- “Siempre Abril”, Comissionado De Cultura Dominicano, New York, NY.

• 2021- “Social Reckoning – e-Mele-K”, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center, NY, NY.

• 2020- “For the Art of Love – An Appropriated Intensions Exhibit”, Fort George Hill, Ny, Ny.

• 2020- “Appropriated Intensions”, Inwood Hill Park, Ny, Ny.

• 2019- “Print Salon”, Boricua College, Ny, Ny.

• 2019- “A Response to 45”, CCCADI (Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute), Ny, Ny.

• 2019- “Dear Democracy…”, Chashama Gallery, 340 E 64th Street Ny, Ny.

• 2019- “Pasado Y Presente: Art After The Young Lords 1969-2019”, The Loisaida Center, Ny, Ny.

• 2019- “Selection Of Prints”, (East Harlem Culture Collective) La Galeria Del Barrio, Ny, Ny.

• 2018- “Open Studio, Recent Print Publications”, Coronado Print Studio, Ny, Ny.

• 2017- “Recent Print Publications”, Coronado Print Studio, Ny, Ny.

• 2017- “Huellas”, Taller Boricua, New York, NY.

• 2017- “Nexus 2”, Comissionado De Cultura Dominicano, New York, NY.

• 2016- “Knowing”, Coronado Print Studio, Ny, NY.

• 2016- “5th Bronx Latin-American Biennial”, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural And Edu. Center, NY, NY.

• 2014- “Reality Of Placement”, Fordham University, New York, NY.

• 2013- “2nd Encuentro Dr/Ny/Ita”, Rio Gallery II, New York, NY.

• 2011- “Encuentro II”, Comissionado De Cultura Dominicano, New York, NY.


International Exhibitions


• 2023- 11th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro 2023, Douro Museum, Alijó, Portugal.

• 2022- “Mini Print Cantabria Collection”, UMCS University Art Gallery, Lublin, Poland.

• 2022- International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2022 R.O.C., National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung Taiwan, R.O.C.

• 2022- “El Ojo del Grabado”, Colectivo de Grabadores Dominicanos, Traveling exhibit, – Palacio Consistorial de Santiago, RD. – La Casa de la Cultura de Puerto Plata, RD. - UASD, Santo domingo, rD.

• 2022- “Masters of Linocut and Woodcut; homaje to Peeter Allik (1966-2019)”, Tartu Artists House, (Tartu Printmaking Festival) Tartu, Estonia

• 2021- Awagami International Miniature Print Exhibition 2021, Inbe Art Space, Japan.

• 2021- Triennial Grenchen 2021, Kunstgesellschaft Grechen (Triennale), Grenchen, Switzerland.

• 2021- IV Edition Mini Print International Cantabria 2021, „El Mar y Los Faros“, Centro de Arte Faro Cabo Mayor de Santander, Cantabria, España.

• 2020- “Grabado Pandemico”, Espacio Sofia, Santiago, Chile & Gallery Atelier “Oregano Salvaje”, Valparaiso, Chile.

• 2012- “1er Encuentro Dr/Ny/Ita”, Sala Polifunzionale, Salerno, Italy.

Art Fairs


• 2023- “Art on Paper New York", Pier 36, New york, ny.


Online Exhibitions


• 2022- “Grabado Pandemico", Taller Xilografia o Muerte, (Chile)-

• 2022- “Pandemic Inspiration II",Trakya University, (Turkey)-

• 2021- “Grabado Primera Línea – El Tema de la Lucha Social" – Universidad del Atlántico, (Colombia).

• 2021- “The Lost Year "A New Awakening" – NYCATA/UFT, (NY, USA)

• 2021- “Bas Bulus II/Print meet II" – Trakya University, (Turkey)

• 2020- “Contingencia Mundial”, (Mes del Grabado - Chile)

• 2020- “Convocatoria Antiimperialista”, (Mes del Grabado – Argentina),

• 2020- “Hay Una Luz”, (DominIcan Republic)

Project Coordination & Curatorial Projects


• 2022-23- “Salon de Grabado”, (Printmaking Salon - Co-Curator), Bronx ArtSpace, New York Latin American Art Triennial.

• 2022- “El Ojo del Grabado”, (Co-Curator), the Colectivo de Grabado Dominicano. DominIcan Republic. – Palacio Consistorial de Santiago, RD. – La Casa de la Cultura de Puerto Plata, RD. - UASD, Santo domingo.

• 2020- “Honrar a las Mirabal”, (Curator- Online only)




• 2022-23- Curatorial Committee, 2022 New York Latin American Art Triennial. (New York)

• 2021-22- Curatorial Committee, Colectivo de Grabado Dominicano. (Dominican Republic)



• 2019- ChaShaMa - “Space to Connect”, Bronx Space (538 Claremont Bronx, NY, 10457), 675 3rd Ave, 32nd floor, Ny, Ny 10017 (Sept. 2019 - Current)




• 2023- B.R.I.O. (Bronx Recognizes Their Own) Award, Grant supported by the NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs, (NY)

• 2022- Finalist, The International Biennial Print Exhibition: 2022 R.O.C. (Taiwan)


Portrait by Manolo Salas


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